Finding & Embracing Your Hobbies

One of the most important things in your life is your hobbies. Your hobby is a way for you to escape from the harsh realities of the world. A hobby is something that you enjoy doing. It could be something small like reading or something big like jumping out of a plane. (Which my cousin does. He’s near 100 jumps – lost his mind that one.) Anyways, a person is not limited to one hobby. I encourage you to find many hobbies; learning, doing and enjoying more than one thing is just so good for you.

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.” – Criss Jami, Killosophy.

One of my hobbies is art – photography mainly. Within the past few months, I’ve learned so many new techniques and new ways to look at areas to create the perfect composition. Photography has had such a large impact on my life. The photos below were taken with 2 very different cameras.


The photograph in colour was taken on my Nikon D3300 (digital camera) as I was experimenting with taking photos at night. This photograph was taken in Downtown Kelowna, looking towards West Kelowna.


The photograph in black and white was taken with an old Minolta (film camera). This photograph was taken at the Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna. The quality of the second photograph is not the greatest due to being scanned in order to be online.

To me there is just something wonderful about taking pictures on film cameras. Processing the film to create negatives and feeling the rush that you get when seeing that your photos actually turned out then getting to print them in the dark room. It’s incredible.

As the end of senior year approaches, classes get harder and the stress becomes more prominent. One of my classes is a photography class, and trying to meet deadlines and having the constant worry of the film not turning out can sometimes put a damper on my mood for that particular hobby. Which is why it’s great to have more than one hobby. When photography becomes too much, I turn to reading, exercise, or planting. Life is too short to solely focus on work and school, you have to leave time for the things that you enjoy as well.

The featured image was taken at the Gellatly Nut Farm in West Kelowna.